Egor Dubenetskiy

A software engineer from Russia

I am a student of Software Engineering from St. Petersburg, Russia. Born in 1999, I have been playing with programming since I was seven, and that's why I got broad experience in writing programs in a range of languages including Java and Kotlin, C and Rust, Ruby and JavaScript etc. I am passionate about Systems Programming, but can deal with the Web and Android as well.

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Completed Projects

Here is a list of the projects I created or was involved into with links to their source code. Most of them are published on my GitLab account, few can be found on GitHub.

What I Do

Currently I am a third-grade bachelor student at the ITMO University. Here are some of the projects I develop:

Why I Do It

I believe the humanity has great potential and eventually will reach to the stars, but today men are bogged down in an abyss of their wars great and small. We are far from all-human unity, and science which is destined to bring us closer to it is limited by the amount of money it earns from satisfying needs of military authorities and by what fraction of that money it can afford to spend on fundamental and other peaceful research.

I know I can do little with the state of affairs, but I will do as much as I can. The human progress is driven mostly by technology, and that is the domain which I am proud to be versed in. I believe that some aspects of our life require decentralization; the Internet which provides the worldwide communication facility is one of them.

How To Contact Me

Please use the Keybase app, which sends end-to-end encrypted messages. My username is edubenetskiy. You can also email me at

Support Me

I would appreciate if you buy me a cup of coffee (or tea) so I could continue my work.

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